May Chan

Relevant Projects

All "projects" I'm currently involved in are centred around staff and community engagement pertaining to critical approaches to resource description. In other words, I am more process than output oriented. The most definable initiative I'm involved with is serving as a liaise between the joint UK-US-Canada Cataloging Ethics Steering Committee (CESC) and the CFLA-FCAB Cataloguing and Metadata Standards Committee. The CESC released the final version of the "Cataloguing Code of Ethics" in January 2021 and is in the process of engaging cataloguers and administrators around the Code with the goal of having the Code endorsed by the national professional library associations. Less obvious and more local to the University of Toronto is strategically being part of cultivating commitments and finding/advocating as a middle manager for the resources required to bring that ethical lens routinely to resource description for a highly decentralized library ecosystem at U of T. At U of T, I currently co-supervise a team of interns helping with Indigenous community outreach and engagement at U of T, serving as a member of a working group charged to improve access to resources for Indigenous library users (e.g. through adopting alternative subject heading schemes, classification, increasing access to collections intended for Indigenous students, etc.).


University of Toronto